About The Winkle

The Winkle was created for kids who love to create, learn, and explore and for parents that need that process to be as easy as possible. The Winkle walks kids through the scientific process of each project through an instructional video. Everything in each project kit has been curated so that you, the parent, don’t have to run to the store or do anything! Just let your kids open the box and enjoy hours of creative STEM exploration.

The Winkle sends four projects in a box- that’s FOUR projects- every month! Some parents like to let their child do a project every week, but some kids can’t stand the anticipation and simply have to do all the projects on the same day.

If your kids are hands-on learners that love exploring science, math, engineering, and technology with a twist of creativity, then you’re in the right place. Ages 4-11 will love the open-ended learning that The Winkle provides. What are you waiting for? Subscribe now to The Winkle to get a box every month!

Who is the Founder?

Hi! I’m Alyson. I have a fine arts degree from Temple University and lived in Philadelphia for seven years. I’ve taught art to kids and adults for 15 years. Now my husband and I live in sunny Arizona where we raise our four kids, 3 girls and 1 boy, ages 5-13. If you have tacos and guacamole, I’m there!

What makes you passionate about The Winkle?

Exposing children to positive learning experiences is my jam! Raising four kids and being a teacher to hundreds of students over the years, I’ve seen that children learn in different ways. I have some children who thought they couldn’t learn because they struggle with reading. But by putting a project in their hand and a video in front of them, they suddenly soar! The Winkle sparks their interest and their creativity…And if they can learn about kinetic energy or the Bernoulli effect too, then that’s even better!

In what ways can The Winkle benefit families?

The Winkle provides easy access for at-home DIY style STEM based learning for kids. The instructional videos mean kids can work independently (without parents help) and they also don’t need to be able to read. As a mom, I would always see STEM ideas on the internet or wherever and thought “I just don’t have the energy or the time to round up all that stuff and then teach it to my kids!” The Winkle makes that process so easy for parents.

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